Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One more golf night!

A very sad sign that summer is fast coming to a close.  Next Wednesday is our last golf night.  Ronda and I  golfed  Kim Hintz and Sherry Durst and I had a 54.....not bad......but, I'd give anything to get a 40+ score this year.  Only one more week left!

Tonight was a little cooler, but it felt good.  Clouds were rolling in, but the rain is holding off. 

Talked to Mom and Dad Sampson tonight and they said that Shirley Ney had an infection that was causing high fevers...they are now medicating and although it has set her back a week, she is improving.  God bless Shirley.

gotta go...............................

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st time blogging!

This will be a new experience for me.  I've always loved to I hope to do it quite often.  Hopefully I can share my experiences, thoughts and quotes of the day!

We just came back from a weekend camping trip to Mill Creek State Park this past weekend.  We rented the large cabin and Ted and Danielle brought their camper too!  (they just loved having the camper all to themselves for two nights!)  They had lots of camping equipment to share for the weekend and that was very nice.  We missed Mike, Anne and Marlee as they were in Davenport for the weekend with family.  Grandpa Heinzen suffered a blood clot on the brain during the week and was in hospice care.  We will do this camping trip again next year!  Great memories and a real close vacation spot!

We heard today that Grandpa Heinzen died.  God bless him and may he enjoy his spot in heaven until we meet him again.  We wish our deepest sympathy to his family and wish Grandma Joann comfort and peace as she learns to live without her life long partner.  He lived a good life and I will always remember him as a kind, loving, happy man with quick humor.  His family will miss him.

We went to the Taco House with Roger and Gerda tonight........fall is in the air and we need to get as many trips to Okoboji as we can.  We had a great time catching up with good friends.  They will meet Kallie and family in Wisconsin this weekend and then the weekend after camp with her family at Cutty's.  We are two very busy couples and we cherish the times we can get together.

Better go............I think I'm going to like this!